Lighting styles

March 3, 2019

Lighting styles

The rustic farmhouse style can be found in both regional France and Tuscany.
It is recognised for stone wall details, wooden beams, terracotta floors, lime-washed walls, and country furniture in both rich timber finishes and painted in antique white with colourful trims.

The types of lights that would work well with this style are lights with wrought iron and those with rustic timber.

French Country
The French country style refers to the style found in the grand homes of France. This style covers a variety of elements, as it can be done with more of an informal casual look or a more elegant, refined approach.

There are many lights that can be incorporated into this style, such as lights with wrought iron, bronze, fine metal work, some with touches of antique gold and some with a painted finish.
The overall qualities are those of casual elegance with a French touch: classical yet understated, curved and gracious yet not too busy.

The Hamptons style is defined by a casual and relaxed beach holiday feel. It has classical French elements that are done in a sophisticated and understated way. With a colour scheme in the whites, light greys and neutrals, the types of lights that go well with Hamptons décor are refined, classical styles that can be finished in bronze, pewter, and aged silver as well as in white.

Modern Classic
This style is where modern style combines with classical elements; one creating a balance to the other. Modern styles can seem cold and devoid of decorative elements and classical styles can be too busy and lacking simplicity.

Modern classic combine both elements, giving a fresh quality to the richness of classical design. How they are combined and how much of each can be chosen from the huge variety of designs available.
The mid-century styles are a great example of how the two styles can come together.

Versailles and Formal French
This style is found both in the French chateaux as well as the grand homes and apartments in Paris. This is where all the richness of the history of decorative art is present.

This style does not need to be overly intricate or busy, it is about judiciously using the timeless beauty of gold and the patina of aged bronze with your interior décor. Some have crystal to enhance the reflected lights, some may also have clip-on shades to soften the light while bringing pleated fabric into missing a word here. The baroque and classical elements in this style evoke the charms of the Grande Epoque.

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