Chaise Longues

For a glamorous addition to your French room, we offer a collection of the classic French chaise longue. Also known as the chaise lounge, this special piece of furniture can bring a romantic atmosphere to your room. It was originally designed as an amalgamation of the armchair and daybed, giving users the support of a chair with enough room for reclining.

At Christophe Living we offer chaise longues in the traditional Louis XV style, with cabriole legs, a snail foot and floral carvings on the top and apron of the frame. You can choose from either a medium chaise longue or large chaise longue, which can be painted, polished and upholstered to your requirements; either to compliment or stand out from your other pieces. For that extra touch of decadence, your chaise longue can be fully gilded or touches of gold leaf can be used to highlight the carving.