7 Piece French Louis Dining Set with Gold Leaf

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Louis Full dining setting

I x table plus 8 chairs

Louis 14 dining table to match:

  • Tappering square legs
  • Cecessed panel, carved motifs,
  • Square rosettes in corners and carved motif on apron
  • Gilded ornaments and detail
  • White lacquered finish
  • 2m x 1m

Louis 16 Dining chairs:

  • Large oval back chair design with gilded trim
  • Fluted legs
  • Finely carved moldings
  • Carved in Italy
  • Trim and detail in gold leaf
  • Upholstered in Sydney in beautiful french two-tone light blue demask fabric
  • Louis 16 style
  • 8 chairs in total (inc two carvers with arms)
  • 1 table to match as pictured
  • Chairs upholstered in light french blue demask


Setting available for viewing in Double Bay shop