March 24, 2019


Daybeds And Sofas

Louis Fifteen Daybed

This is the classic French Louis daybed sofa was originally designed to let the aristocracy take a nap. It has high sides, a deep seat, carved timber frame and a quintessential French provincial look. Depending on the finish and fabric you choose it can be made to look like a French country piece or it can be dressed up as formal Louis lounge piece.


2.5 seater and 3 seater options
The Louis daybed comes in a two-seater option and a three-seater sofa option. Mixing the 2 and 3 seater options together in an L shape configuration looks great as a lounge room setting. If you have larger gatherings you can also have three three-seater daybeds in a U shaped configuration with matching armchairs or salon chairs. The day bed sofa can also function as a spare single size guest bed due to its luxurious dimensions.

Upholstery options

Feather and fill
The cushions can be upholstered in three different ways depending on your preferences. The first option for the seat cushion is the feather and fill upholstery option, which gives a fluffy French look. This requires re-fluffing every now and then.

Luxura foam
The second option is luxura foam, which has a firmer core with a memory foam outer layer for softness. This is the easier option to maintain as its keep its form and does not require fluffing up.

Feather wrap
The third option is the feather wrap cushion with a firm foam core which is great if you want a softer feather look without loosing shape and needing to re-fluff the cushions.

The daybed comes in any timber finish or painted finish. The standard timber finish is a light to medium antique walnut finish but we can colour match to any timber finish you want. The standard painted finish is antique white with a light antiquing but any painted finish is possible.

The fabric you choose will dramatically effect whether the daybed looks formal or more casual. In a light linen fabric in a painted antique white finish, for example, it looks completely different than when the daybed is in a timber finish with formal Louis damask fabric.

These daybed sofas look great with scatter cushions in a contrasting fabric that pick up on the colours of the rugs in the room or on other chairs in room. The cushions on the daybed become an accent point in the room adding richness and contrast to the interior design of the lounge room.

Matching armchairs and fabric
The daybed goes perfectly with the Louis wingback armchair or with the Louis fifteen bergere. Mixing these styles helps to accentuate and balance the design features of each form. The wingback armchair with its taller back is ideal especially if you have a larger room with a high ceiling. When deciding the fabric for an entire setting we recommend choosing the same family of fabric and same colour for the lounge setting but choose a different pattern for the armchairs and sofas such as damask for the daybed and a stripe fabric for the armchair.

Hamptons Custom Daybed

This Hamptons style sofa bed takes inspiration from the classic French daybed but transforms it into a mid century refined stylized design. This sofa is an ideal choice for those who don’t want something as busy as the Louis daybed frame, but who also don’t want something ordinary. Sophistication typifies the Hamptons style and this sofa can be dressed up in 1930’s Hollywood style or dressed down in light linen refined country style. This sofa can also function as a single size guest bed.

The Hamptons style sofa is unique designed by our head designer at Christophe living and it is completely customizable to meet your design and size needs. The large studs are optional and create a strong design feature, which highlight the beautiful scalloped shape of the top of the sofa back.

This sofa is best suited to a plain or mottled fabric or linen rather than a stronger damask pattern. As we make the frame and upholstery here in Sydney any size and cushion configuration is available. For the back of the sofa we usually recommend large loose cushions that can be arranged at a slight angle with alternating or contrasting fabrics.


Louis Fifteen Bergeres

This French armchair the ‘bergere’ is the iconic French lounge room piece. It immediately gives the living room a French flavour. Depending on the finish and fabric selection in can be done in a French shabby chic style, in a more French provincial country look or in a more formal Louis salon look. This armchair is more delicate than your average modern standard armchair. It provides the same seating comfort, takes less space, offers a light airy look and is easy to move around the living room.

Louis Fifteen style
The Louis fifteen decorative elements in this beautiful chair are typified by the quintessentially French cabriole legs with their womanly shape, snail foot with a small hoof, carved scalloped apron, with floral decorative carving and the bead and cove molding carved along the scalloped apron and back.

This French arm is elaborately carved and ornamented by carved elements including vine like twisted carving around the support of the arm. The back shape is a soft stylized shield shape. Louis fifteen shapes are inspired by both the sinuosity of floral form and sensuality of the human form. This is what gives the armchair design its joyful romantic quality.

2 -3 seater options and upholstery
Matching two and three-seater accompanying sofas are available. There are also three options for the upholstery. Feather fill, luxura foam or feather wrap. We recommend luxura foam as its soft but keeps its shape and does not require re-fluffing.


Closed arms
The arms of the bergere armchair can be left open to give a lighter look or they can be filled with upholstery to give a more substantial enclosed formal look.

Fully upholstered
The standard top of the armchair has a timber shield frame but this can also be fully upholstery to cover the top of the timber frame completely. The fully upholstered look also has closed arms except for the downward section at the front of the arm. The fully upholstered look offers a greater sense of comfort and offers a more full look to the interior. Great if you want a look with less timber in the interior.

Dome seat
The seat can be done as a loose cushion to offer a soft look. Or it can be done as a dome seat to give a less bulky cushion look.

Add ottoman
A matching Louis fifteen ottoman is available with adds extra comfort and leg room to your armchair in the living room.
French Classic Armchair

Defined by its deep diamond button back which gives it a classic and decorative gentleman’s armchair look, this piece if the perfect addition to a modern sofa setting or study. In the past these chairs were upholstered in leather. These days this traditional armchair design looks great in fresh plain linen.


The original design of the wingback was based on the needs to have a reading chair close to the fireplace and wings that would prevent heat and fire from blushing the cheek of the sitter. The wingback armchair has the hallmarks of the Louis fifteen style with cabriole legs, carved motifs, elegant curves and moldings.

The wingback with its tall back gives a substantial, elegant and traditional look to the classical home. It offers a taller more structured quality to your French lounge room décor.

There are two versions of the wingback armchair, one with a floral carved motif at the top and another with no carved motif and just curved top to the chair.

The wingback armchair also provides slightly more seating capacity than your standard armchair making it ideal for taller people and offering extra conform and legroom. The armchair has a slight curve in the lower back to give extra support and extra comfort. It looks great paired with its matching ottoman to allow extra stretch out legroom

The standard upholstery options and timber or painted option are all available

Fully upholstered
The back of the wingback armchair can be left to expose the timber frame or fully upholstered to have no timber edge and a fabric top instead.
Louis Fifteen Salon

The Louis fifteen salon chair was originally designed as a small occasional lounge chair often for ladies to sit on while having tea with visitors. These days this beautiful chair is ideal in a number of lounge room situations. The elegant chair is perfect for a small lounge area, or as an as extra chair, or for a small formal lounge setting. It acts as a great chair for extra seating when required for guests.

This salon armchair is great to add to a lounge setting, it will enrich any empty corner of the room, embellish a spot next to the fireplace, or by the window. This Louis fifteen armchair is a more decorative occasional lounge chair, which is great to dress up the corner of a room or your lounge compliment setting.

It is also ideal in a setting that is plain as this chair is ideally dressed up in a beautiful fabric to add a stronger French accent to the interior.

The finish can be in many versions and the chosen finish will dramatically affect the overall appearance. The standard version of this lounge chair has a floral carving, a cushion seat, open arms. A dome seat option is also available and this will give the chair a lighter feel. It is avail with upholstery filled arms, which gives it more rounded French tub quality to the chair.

This back of the chair can also be finished in cane and matching two and three seater lounges are available.

Louis Fifteen Tub Salon Chair

This tub armchair is a great addition to a lounge interior as it has higher sides with sloping at the font giving it more rounded back. The cushion can be separate to give a softer look or a dome seat option is also available for a more streamline appearance.
This salon chair is a quintessential French design. Its round tub adds a soft, feminine quality in the corner of the bedroom. It is small yet very comfortable and can be upholstered in our 3 standard upholstery options. The seat cushion can be a dome seat or separate cushion for a plush look.

Louis Sixteen Bergeres

The top of this French armchair is a classic Louis sixteen baroque inspired shape reminiscent of Louis fourteen panelling. The chair has Louis sixteen fluted turned legs and apron and rope carving. This armchair has a French neo classical elegant quality with streamline lines and is well suited to a refined French interior or as a counter balance to Louis fifteen pieces with their strong curves and carved ornamentation.

The Louis sixteen french style was a reaction to the sensuality and ornamentation of the Louis fifteen style and it represented a return to the Greek inspired purity of classical lines. This elegant chair also comes with matching 2 and 3 seater sofa options and it can be upholstered in our three upholstery options.

Coffee Tables


This is a classic Louis fifteen coffee table with French cabriole legs, the iconic scroll foot and scalloped apron is carved with a leaf motif and small decorative curls. It comes in standard sizes and can be made in custom sizes in either rectangular or square.
This coffee table is also available with an optional marble top of your choosing. It has a drawer option as well as an optional bottom shelf for magazines. Every coffee table design comes with a matching side table in different sizes.
This coffee table comes in antique white or painted finish. Matching hall tables in any size are available with the option of a bottom shelf. Matching side servers are also available with three drawers and bottom shelf options.

Louis Fifteen

This Louis fifteen coffee table has an elegant scallop shaped top, cabriole legs and a small snail foot carving. The scalloped apron with floral motif matches the salon bergere armchairs perfectly. This coffee table can be in a timber finish or painted finish. A matching side table in also available.

Louis Sixteen

This Louis sixteen coffee table has an elegant rope carving along the apron with neoclassical elements, decorative rosette carvings at the top of each turned fluted leg. The top can be framed with bevelled edge glass or in timber with Louis sixteen mouldings or marble. This coffee table is also available with a bottom shelf for magazines.

This sophisticated coffee table goes well with both the Louis fifteen and sixteen bergere armchairs. We recommend combining it with Louis fifteen style chairs as it balances out the curves and adds a more elegant structured quality to the setting instead everything in the interior having curves. This was in fact the historic purpose and intent of the Louis sixteen styles.

The glass top surrounded by a timber frame is great for smaller rooms as it allows the view of the patterns on rug underneath. This coffee table comes in standard sizing and can also be can be made to any size. Matching side tables, hall tables, side servers, desks, and dining tables are also available in various standard and custom sizes.

A marble top option is available in a marble of your choosing and painted finishes or gilding is also available.