Custom design & building services for your home

  • Kitchens
  • Wardrobes
  • TV units
  • Libraries
  • Custom sofas
  • Custom furniture
  • Lighting
  • Panelling
  • Flooring & marble
  • Doors
  • Curtains & fabrics
  • Mirrors & trumeaux

About the designer

Head designer Jean Christophe, a trained cabinetmaker and furniture designer, believes in bringing the values of traditional craftsmanship to the modern home.

Jean-Christophe designs each piece especially for you, and manages every step of the process from concept to final installation.

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Traditional yet modern, breathtaking custom designs to inspire…

Design, elegance & fine craftsmanship

At Christophe Living we design custom solutions using the best materials and craftsman, while bringing timeless elegance to your home.

For more than 30 years Jean-Christophe has been bringing true authenticity to French style kitchens, custom wardrobes and built-ins that few can achieve.

The design process by stage


    During the first home visit Jean-Christophe will look at your requirements and suggest design solutions that enhance your d├ęcor and work with your budget.


    We make preliminary sketches to help refine each detail. This stage involves discussions about different options and how they will affect the final look and function. We assist you in making the best decisions that will work for the long term.


    Jean-Christophe will draft the final designs that include all measurements, materials and specifications. He will provide you with a detailed budget and schedule.


    Jean-Christophe, a craftsman himself, supervises each step of the manufacturing process done by our talented cabinetmakers in our Sydney workshop to ensure the highest quality for your piece.


    The finish is the most visible part, and as Jean-Christophe has been trained in French polishing and special paint finishes he can assist in choosing a finish that will bring a special final touch to your project.


    Jean-Christophe manages and co-ordinates subcontractors to ensure delivery and installation runs smoothly.

Custom built

Custom built is the best way to have what you truly want. Every detail is made to suit your needs. Our pieces are hand finished to the highest standards and any custom finishes are available.

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