Wall art in a French interior

No French home is complete without a selection of art and prints that reflects the owner’s personal taste and enhances the décor. At Christophe Living we have a beautiful selection of:

  • French country prints
  • French botanical prints
  • Architectural etchings
  • Antique French prints
  • French tapestries
  • Turgot 19th C Paris maps
  • Original French paintings
  • French style landscapes

Art curating

Our designer Jean-Christophe Burckhardt studied the history of art in Rome, where his family also ran an art gallery for over ten years. He offers an art consulting and curating service to offer an optimal choice of wall art. Selecting wall art at the same time as you design the rest of the interior ensures that you have a harmonious space.

Antique French etchings

There is a very rich tradition in central Europe of the art of etching. It allowed artists to produce numbers with very fine lines and an extremely high level of detail. We have a large collection of both original antique etchings and giclee reproductions that can be scaled to any size.


Botanical prints

Botanical prints from woodcuts and etchings are a lovely way to bring the garden into the home, and lend themselves well to salon-style hanging. Most were originally hand coloured. We have these in original antique prints as well as giclee reproductions. We also have antique prints of exotic birds that similarly reflect the colour and lushness of the natural world.

Architectural prints

Beautiful chateaux and monuments of antiquity have always been a fascination, and there is a long tradition of bringing this inspiration into the home. With their fine lines and attention to detail, etchings are the perfect medium for this nod to architecture. Particularly in lounge and hallways, using architectural prints and etchings is a great way to incorporate the richness of technical drawing into your home and acknowledge the skills of these master draftsmen.


Tapestries and wall fabrics

Tapestries and fabrics were some of the first wall decorations used in history, as they provided both richness of a story in colour as well as insulation from the cold in those large medieval homes. They also have the ability to absorb sound, creating a softer acoustic environment.
We have a large range of French tapestries as well as fabrics for walls which look great within one of our framed panelling elements.

Commissions - oil paintings and watercolours

Picture framing service

Whether it is a print, an etching or an original oil painting, it is the framing detail that allows it to be shown to its full potential. Art framing is a truly specialised skill and we work with experts who have trained in museum and art gallery framing, who therefore can really show the art in its best light.