Island Lights

Island lights are elegant and super practical offering great sources of multiple directed down light. Our kitchen island lights come in modern, classic, french and Hamptons style designs and fixtures and a variety of finishes. They look great in the kitchen or above the dining table. We always offer the best in traditional lighting options, so you can ensure your home is elegant. All of our lights can be delivered Australia wide.

Kitchen island lights

We stock a beautiful selection of kitchen island lights, especially in the Hamptons and french style. Graceful and practical these lights are great for lighting up a surface or table top without spreading the light around the room.

Hamptons, French, Modern island light fixtures

Our kitchen island lights come in french style, Hamptons style, modern, contemporary, mid-century, wrought iron and industrial styles. Each offers its unique decorative contribution. Island lights truly are a great way to make a statement in the room.

Classic Lighting Delivered Australia Wide

Our showroom and workshop are in Sydney, and we deliver furniture and lighting to all states including Melbourne, Queensland, Western Australia, regionally throughout Australia and to Tasmania.