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Customising your French table

Most of our tables can also be made smaller to be used as desks, library tables, or study tables. Based on the chair that is preferred with each table we have worked out a unique system to measure the best size for the table based the size of the room, the number of people to…

Hamptons sofa in grey with scalloped and studded edges
May 19, 2019

The Hamptons style sofa

We custom design and make sofas that are unique, beautiful and comfortable. Our custom designed sofas are completely unique one off pieces. Head designer Jean-Christophe designs the sofa according to the clients’ taste and interior. The sofa designs are made for the modern interior and lifestyle but are truly inspired the elegance of the French…

French Louis Daybed Grey
May 11, 2019

The French Louis Daybed

The French day bed is the ultimate addition to any lounge room. It adds that quintessential French touch to an interior and can be dressed up formerly or presented more casually. Not only does the daybed look great, it is also one of the most comfortable lounge options available. With its deep seat, it offers…

Painted French Desk
April 28, 2019

Antique white painted finishes for your French Furniture

This starts with undercoating the furniture in multiple layers with sanding in between. Then topcoats of antique white are applied or of pure white depending on the look you’re after. The antiquing stage involves a hand-brushed finish that receives a light taupe/brown wash that is lightly rubbed off on the proud parts, so that it…

Finishes for French Furniture
April 21, 2019

Timber Finishes for your French Furniture

Oak is the traditional timber of medieval furniture, used extensively throughout Europe, it is very strong and durable, has a distinctive and strong figure and a masculine quality compared to fruitwoods such as Cherry wood and Walnut. It is well suited to desks, studies and libraries due to its masculine association, also well suited to…

Two-tone painted Louis XV Table
April 14, 2019

Styles and Finishes for your French dining setting

Louis XV painted finish Giving your Louis Fifteen furniture a painted finish has the effect of softening the carving while accentuating the shapes, the cabriole legs and scalloped apron. The finish can be in antique white or done in two colours, such as antique white and soft french grey or cream and taupe. The overall…

Louis XVI Oval Back Dining Chairs
April 7, 2019

The Louis Sixteen oval back dining chair

The Louis Sixteen oval back dining chair is a very versatile and elegant dining chair option. Just like the Louis square back dining chair, this chair can have a cane or upholstered back. Defined by its elegant fluted legs, carved rosettes and delicate mouldings around the apron and back of the chair this chair is…

Classic French Dining Setting

Caring for your French dining table

The Expansion Gap On Frame Top and Parquetry tables the framed border does not allow for contraction and expansion of the timber, that is why we have a small gap between the frame and the central panel on the top. It is a 2mm expansion gap which allows the expansion and contraction of the central…

March 24, 2019

Classic French Dining tables

For those who are looking for a casual French elegance with a provincial feel, we have developed our Perigord range. This table has slight cabriole legs and a straight apron decorated with a fine moulding.  It can be easily dressed to become a more formal table, or kept simple and relaxed. The table can be…