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French Provincial Dining Table Designs

July 25, 2021

We all love the french style. It is so perfectly suited to the dining room. When choosing the right French table remember that the French style comes in many incarnations. Here we look at just some differences between the different French style tables designs – be it between Louis 14, 15 and 16 and between curved apron, leg shape, finishes and table shape.
The Bordeaux French Dining Table

This dining table is in a classic French provincial Louis style. By French provincial we mean it has simplified carving details and shapes, and is less elaborate than the more formal Louis style dining tables. Features of the French provincial style are cabriole legs with carved bead down each side leg of the table. The beautiful French table also has a scalloped apron with bead along the edge.

We offer the top of the table as a frame top or as a parquetry top with solid timber frame. This French dining table is also available with a French extension system, this works by a slide extension, which is stored underneath each side table. When extended the two arms of the table holds the extension securely. The extension for the table also has its own frame top or parquetry within frame depending on your preference.

In more recent times a very popular finish for this table has been the painted antique white base with the timber top. For the timber finish we have two type of timber finish available. The first timber finish is American oak, which is great for a more country look with its strong figure and defined grain, giving it a more robust masculine quality. The other option is a cherry wood timber finish, the classic French provincial timber with is warm tones and refined closed grain figure.

The table sizes go from 6 seaters to 22 seaters. Being made here in Sydney you can have any size you need with or without extensions. There are four widths available; 900mm for narrow spaces, 1meter and 1050mm are the most popular as they allow for larger serving platers and the presentation of platters while retaining an intimate conversation quality from the people sitting across the table. We also offer 1200 wide for those who wish the extra wide option.

Ardeche Dining Table

This classic french style table is inspired from the French farmhouse table and features an inner tapered leg, which is tapered on the inner side of the leg and straight on the otter side. The table comes with a straight apron with an optional decorative corner bracket. The top of the table can be in a timber frame or with a parquetry inlay. The finishes can be in American oak or cherry wood and any size is available as they are custom made here in Sydney.

This style of dining table looks great in French country home or in a very modern home due to its refined stylized lines. It still has a French delicacy and elegant quality while being unpretentious with clear modern lines in the design.

Chambord Dining Table

This French dining table takes its inspirations from the classical Louis fifteen styles. It has an elegant country provincial quality. It is a similar dining table to the Bordeaux but with more ornamentation. The cabriole legs have a scroll foot and an acanthus leaf carved on the shoulder of the leg. The apron of the table is also scalloped but with carve curls and acanthus leaf motifs along the edge. This stunning dining table is only available in painted finish and its carved ornamentation is ideal for antique white finishes with the recesses of the carving highlighted in darker antique wash.

The French dining table is also available with colour trims, shabby chic rub through effects or gold trim detail depending on your preferences.

Louis Sixteen French Dining TableS

This formal dining table features timeless neoclassical styling. It has a refined elegance that would sit equally well in a more casual country home or in a more formal Louis interior. It would even look great in a modern setting. This dining table comes in different finishes and options for the table tops each of which can create dramatically different stylistic effects. At the French country style level this table looks great painted in antique white with or without grey trim or painted fully in grey with reverse white trim. The top of the table also looks great in timber with painted base.

To give it a more French provincial look the table is also avail in antique white with or without gold trims on the rosettes and carved rings around the table legs. For the ultimate sophisticated look the base fully gilded with an antique gold effect and marble top creates a wow factor that would sit wonderfully in both classical formal or modern contemporary dining room settings. For a true Parisian look the Louis sixteen style is very much the hero of dining room.

This French provincial dining table is also avail in rectangle, round, square or oval. Its defining features are turned legs in the French style with fluting and carved rosettes at the top. The apron of the table has a carved rope motif, which lends itself well to being highlight in gold. The top of the dining table is completed with a Louis sixteen style moulding around its edge.

Louis Fifteen French Dining Tables

These French tables always have cabriole curved legs often with carved mouldings single or double. The apron can be carved in curved or scalloped shapes or simple straight. The top can be parquetry or plain, and often this table can look great with a timber top ad white painted base. The Ardeche and Bordeaux dining table designs above and the Perigord below are in the Louis 15 style. This French style table is a classic and is probably one of the most popular designs for its lovely proportions and soft style.

Louis Fourteen Style French Dining Table 

This is a beautiful French provincial dining table option for any traditional or modern interior. It features square tapered legs with recessed panels into with a floral motif is carved as well as elegant carved rosettes. The apron of the table has mouldings at the bottom giving it a recessed panel look onto which in the centre sits a classical carved ornament motif. The tabletop has a moulded edge design.

This dining table is very well suited to a white and gold finish giving it class elegance, formal dining setting, it is made to order in any size, as a rectangular or square table.

This French dining table can be finished in just white to give it a more contemporary modern quality. It also would look great in black with or without a gold or silver trim for a stylish statement in a more contemporary or mid century setting.

During the 30 and 40’s some of the mid century designs which are very popular nowadays were inspired by some of the feature you can see in this Louis fourteen table.

Perigord Table design 

This French style dining table is in the Louis 15 style. It is named after a region in southern France. The table design is understated French inspired with cabriole legs and it was especially designed to give a sense of casual elegance for those who like the French style but do not want an overly elaborate look. This table sits well as kitchen table, or semi-formal modern classic dining room style. It can also be dressed down by painting the base of the table in antique white for a cleaner fresh look. The tabletop can be with a timber frame or parquetry and the sizes can be customized to suit your needs. Extensions are also available.

Refectory style table 

The refectory dining table has an ancient history going back to the Middle Ages. Historically, its design is well suited to the large dining rooms of monasteries, castles and chateaus. It features a pedestal leg sometimes done with two columns and sometimes with a shaped square column. There is usually 2 or 3 pedestal for very long tables and this is joined by a stretcher. This has the advantage that there is no legs at the corners so more people can fit and it usually has a thick tabletop as there is no apron.

Made out of oak this traditional refectory timber dining table can be finished on the more rustic side or more on the refined manor grande country style depending on the finish you choose. The top is usually framed and sometimes has a parquetry detail.

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.