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Designing the perfect Hamptons Kitchen

August 27, 2021

Hamptons kitchens are modern, relaxed, luxurious and refined. They really bring the best of the traditional and modern kitchen design together to create a space which is inviting, homely and fresh. Here we look at a Hamptons style kitchen Christophe has designed to give you some inspiration and ideas for creating your own perfect kitchen.


In this kitchen Christophe took great care to design the cabinetry and doors with detailed elegant mouldings, recessed panels, and elongated forms to create refined sophisticated Hamptons style joinery. The cabinetry features double pelmet designs which blend into the cornice designs creating an impressive and grand feel to the room. Some simpler Hamptons kitchens just use shaker style doors and single pelmet, but Christophe likes to design his own mouldings, cornices and panels to create unique timeless looks in the cabinetry that truly can’t be found anywhere else.

Colour scheme 

Finished in antique white the cabinetry sparkles fresh and the fine panel shapes with all there detail are brought to life in a subtle way. Hamptons kitchens can be plain white or any colour like light grey, but antique white is always a lovely middle ground giving freshness and warmth simultaneously.

Marble and flooring.

Marble and flooring is an important feature in any Hamptons kitchen. Choosing the right tone and veins in the chosen slab is always a design decision that add to the complete design. Here the marble was a beautiful cool white, with grey veins. The grey tied in with the aged brass hardware and chandelier while the cool white lifted the antique white cabinetry. The marble edge has been finished in a smooth triple rounded moulding shape to match the cabinetry. Travertine large tiles were used for the floor to give that natural tone and warmth and to ground the lightness in the room.   

Kitchen island and lighting

The kitchen island is a centrepiece in any Hamptons kitchen design. Here the island was made quite large with matching cabinetry drawers, beautifully decorative corbels and it’s own sink area.  The hardware chosen was chrome because the coolness went so well with the marble and colour scheme. The wrought iron French style chandelier provided a counterpoint in the room, adding a feature of traditional style while also providing the perfect balance for the darker tones on the oven and stove top. We also have a beautiful range of Hamptons kitchen island lights that we often use in our kitchens. The aged brass handles here provided contrast and a stylistic feature that when echoed all around the room brought the whole design together so that no area was left plain or empty.

The art to this Hamptons style kitchen is the refined joinery that takes care and love to design from scratch. Then balancing all the above features harmoniously so that not area of the kitchen is too busy, too white, or lacking in some traditional touch. When all this comes together the kitchen can actually be a beautiful place within the home and this feeling can underpins the moments we spend there.

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Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.