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The Elegance of French Provincial Dining Chairs

August 25, 2021


French dining chairs offer that classic look found in no other type of dining chair. But the French have many different styles of dining chair. Each of these different styles offers completely different looks for the interior. Some French dining chairs offer a more casual book while others offer a more formal dining look. Even the same chair finished differently say in timber or in  white or with different fabric can appear more formal or casual. Here we take a look at some of the different French dining chairs styles and looks that are possible to help you find the perfect French dining chair for your dining room.

The French shield back dining chair is a classic Louis 15 French style chair. It’s name comes from the shield shape that can be found on the back of the chair. In this interior the shield back is upholstered in cane and finished in white. But sheildback chairs can also be posted with fabric even with a different fabric on the front and the back of the shield shape. These French chairs can also come in timber which gives them a more formal classical look. Here in white the chairs offer a beautiful fresh light airy Hamptons style effect perfect for casual dining room interiors. The seats here are upholstered in a structured shape with piping surround, but they can also be upholstered as a dome seat depending on your preference. And of course, these classic French chairs feature the beautiful French cabriole shaped leg with its graceful and elegant lines.

These uniquely French inspired style dining chairs are a modernised twist with a French touch. They are fully upholstered at the top with slightly curved legs. The back of the chair also features a curve which adds to the elegance of the design. These chairs demonstrate how versatile the French style is that it can be adapted into modern reincarnations to offer a more Hamptons or contemporary look for your dining room. The beauty of these chairs is that they allow for other traditional features around the room to blend in harmoniously such as the traditional dining table fireplace, flooring and chandeliers. The fully upholstered back also softens the space. As there is already a fair amount of timber in the interior the full upholstery provides a more welcoming light impression within the dining room interior.

This cross-back French dining chair is a classic French Bistro style chair that is light and airy. It features a curve in both directions from legs to back. Here the chair seat is in cane but sometimes we like to a upholster the seat in white leather which looks great with a border of studs as decorative effect. This also makes the chair a lot more comfortable for longer dining sittings and it’s easy to clean. These are a great chair if you want to retain a light affect throughout the dining room or if you live in a smaller apartment and space is an issue. These chairs won’t attract too much attention and will create a greater sense of space. They are also light and easy to move around the room if needed. They can come in any colour as well as walnut timber.

We call this the bordeaux french dining chair it has a tall back with a timber frame and curved top. Here the chairs are upholstered with the dome seat and the fabric is the same on the top and bottom and back of the chair. These chairs are a classic French provincial style look. While being casual and comfortable they also offer an elegance because of the height of the back of the chair which makes the perfect for semi formal dining room settings. These chairs can also have the top fully upholstered so that the timber frame surrounding the top back of the chair is no longer visible. This creates a softer look where one only wants the legs to be the timber showing component. These chairs can come in timber or white with any kind of trim or gold touch.

These are only just some of the different styles of French dining chairs. To see more styles check out our dining chair category or our dining room portfolio. Hopefully these few examples have demonstrated the versatility of the French dining chair and how it can be transformed to create different impressions in different interiors depending on the finish upholstery and shape.

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Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.