How To


October 17, 2014

Filtering Sunlight with Curtains

With the imminent arrival of summer, now is a good time to think about filtering the sometimes harsh light and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. The right curtains will also protect your furniture, upholstery, floor covering and art from damage from the sun. We’ve had a great response to our light linen sheers,…

November 28, 2013

Make Your Bedroom Unique

Scatter cushions can be a fun and interesting way to incorporate character and personality into your bedroom. Use cushions in a range of styles, colours and patterns to give your bedroom more depth and create soft and inviting ambience. Incorporating different textures can also be a great way to give that extra dimension.

Keep your fabric looking fresh for longer

To ensure that your fabric lasts longer and stays looking fresh and clean ensure that you vacuum it at least every fortnight. Using a brush attachment, take particular care over areas where ambient dust settles, such as on the tops of chair arms, cushions, curtains and lampshades. Dust is often left to settle on these…