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Outdoor lighting IP rating
September 24, 2018

Understanding IP Ratings for Outdoor Lights

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing and installing outdoor lights for your patio or garden, but the aspect that may be confusing for many people is the IP rating.   What is an IP rating?   An IP rating (Ingress Protection rating) is an international standard that defines a light’s suitability…

October 16, 2015

How to Design a French Bedroom – Part 2

Here are some more tips on designing a bedroom in the French style, as I mentioned in the last blog story (https://www.christopheliving.com.au/how-to-design-a-french-bedroom-part-1/). The French style is more of an approach than a formula, so I will try to look a what are the small elements that bring it all together.

October 13, 2015

How to Design a French Bedroom – Part 1

The bedroom is one of the most private and intimate rooms in our house. It is where we rest, are at our most vulnerable state and, hopefully if we desire it, this is where we feel nurtured and loved within an intimate relationship. Furthermore, the bedroom is where we start and finish our day. This is…

Design tips for your bedroom

One thousand bed-head stories: how to use a bed-head Bed-heads are the most versatile and inexpensive way to decorate your bedroom. When entering a bedroom the bed-head is probably the first thing you see, and it should also be first item to consider when furnishing a bedroom. There are so many types of bed-heads: timber framed, carved,…

Picture, picture on the wall

How to use art to complete your interior Decorating walls with art goes back to over 35,000 years, and it is something that is part of what defines us as humans and possibly, together with music and literature, is one of our greatest achievements! Art is a window into the imaginary, and just like no…