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French Provincial Lounge Furniture

July 28, 2021

The French provincial lounge can be casual or formal depending on the style you choose. Here we look at the different French provincial furniture that makes up the classic french style lounge to give you ideas for creating a lovely living room of your own.

French Provincial Lounge Room Sofa 

The French provincial sofa sits at the heart of the French style lounge. It has a classic stylish design with maximum comfort. In these two interiors one french sofa is more formal style with contrast cushions in red. This sofa is upholstered in a cream damask that is fresh and classic. the sofa legs are in timber finish to tie in with the other timber furniture, but the legs can also be painted in white or grey or any colour.

Here you can see the same sofa is upholstery in a beautiful teal French jacquard with floral pattern. This jacquard is one of our specialty fabrics from the Christophe range which we exclusively import from Italy. This Louis style fabric really embellishes the simple elegant shapes of the sofa and makes it a centrepiece within the living room. It also ties in with the other richer fabrics around the room and the Russian painting, which we till stock by as a print.

French Provincial Lounge Fabric Selection – Formal vs Casual 

Often what makes a french lounge look formal is the fabric upholstery selection. As you can see below, sateen and Louis floral fabrics favour a more formal regal French style whereas a lighter linen or chanel fabric offers a more relaxed French provincial look.

The colour of the fabric is also important. Light creams, taupe and beige create a perfect base colour for the casual French-Hamptons style look, whereas colours like champagne, gold sheen fabric create a perfect base colour for the more luxurious look. Below is the classic French provincial daybed in walnut timber finish looking modernised in the creamy light interior setting.

French Provincial Lounge Armchairs

The classic French ‘bergere’ armchair is both beautiful and comfortable. Pictured here in white finish with a gorgeous linen with embroidered floral motif in red tone. The linen tone here going so perfectly with the wall colour. The benefits of the ‘bergere’ armchair is that is has enough room for comfortable long periods of sitting with a soft loose cushion and angled back it also can come with a matching ottoman for resting ones feet on.

The bergere armchairs in white offer a more modern French style, a soft Hamptons look, but they can also come in walnut timber finish or any colour to match your decor or exisiting furniture. Below the matching louis 15 side table goes so well with the armchairs with its decorative carved motifs and light antique patina. The fabric here is a French toile in cream and beige, offering that classic French look that is actually perfect in light modern interiors.

The French Coffee Table 

The french coffee table essentially comes in both the Louis 15 or 16 styles. The Louis 16 coffee table pictured below in timber has straight tapped legs with fluting in the neo-classical French style and ribbon carved motif surround the apron frame. the top can be glass or timber depending on your preference. As you can see the straight legs of the Louis 16 coffee table go perfectly well with the curved legs of the Louis 15 sofa so both French styles can easily be matched together. A Louis 15 coffee table would have curved  legs and a less structured look than this table.

Other French Provincial Furniture 

As you ca see from these interiors pictured, the classic french lounge has a variety of features, and offers the perfect canvas for selecting beautiful different fabrics and putting them together harmoniously. Putting a classic french style rug underneath your coffee table creates another opportunity to invite some gorgeous patterns, colours and motifs into the room. A French hall table behind the sofa or on a side wall also creates a link between each piece of furniture and an opportunity to place some decorative items or a table lamp for atmosphere.

More Inspiration for the Perfect French Provincial Style?

See our French lounge portfolio for lots more ideas and pictures of different French looks and interiors we have created.

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.