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Hamptons Style Furniture

July 29, 2021

In many respects the Hamptons style takes much inspiration from the French provincial style but adds that light coastal charm. Think classic french armchairs but in white or light lime wash, French sofas in antique white with linen, even a French chandelier but in light finish. Here we look at a central coast interior we did to show how the french and Hamptons and modern style furniture go so well together.

Often people just think light tones when they think about Hamptons interiors. But its about mixing a different variety of hues together to create a warm cosy relaxed space.  Choose a few tones that work well together. Note too how some linen type tones can be on the cool side or the warm side, the grey side, or the pink side. So when matching different tones, its helps to keep them linked via this element. In this interior the linen was more on the cool grey intone. This tone informed the choice of grey trim finish on the painted furniture and the tone of deep blue of the cushions, and the grey hues of the rug.

Hamptons style blue feature 

Most Hamptons interiors will always have some blue tone to highlight the space and give that coastal feeling. Here we chose quite a deep royal blue with a batik style print. Many different types of blues will work though including turquoise, teal, ultramarine or french blue. This apartment overlooked the deep blue of the pacific ocean, so this tone worked quite well. On the armchairs we made a contrast cushion in the same fabric as the Hamptons style sofa to tie the two pieces of furniture together.

The Hamptons -French style coffee table

This gorgeous coffee is one of our exclusive designs, using elements of the Louis 16 French style and in a Hamptons finish of plain antique white with no patina, and light rub through grey trim features on the tables’ carved ornaments. The top here is marble which added both a coastal clean feeling but also a but more formality to the space. The grey trim here is subtle and connects the table with the grey fabric of the upholstery beautifully. The cushions of the sofa are contrasted grey, blue, grey which creates a nice features and connection with the armchairs.

Hamptons Style Sofa 

These beautiful sofas are part of our Hamptons style range, designed especially by Christophe to offer that unique French Hamptons style look. This beautifully crafted three seater daybed sofa features scalloped sides and back and large nickel plated individual studs highlighting to emphasise the elegant shapes and forms of the sofa design. Here we made two sofa for the space, one looking towards the television and the other towards the coastal view.

Hamptons style kitchen and dining 

Here we placed a rustic country style timber table surrounded by french white cross back dining chairs. The white, timber, cane look gives that Hamptons coastal quality. In the kitchen to make a bit more of a modern bold statement large sized pendants lights with gold internal were places to balance out the darker tones throughout the interior. The kitchen had more modern style qualities so this worked well with the overall French Hamptons look. The light wide timber floor boards also added that relaxed beach washed look.

Custom Hamptons Furniture

This large tv unit or entertainment unit was design in a classic Hamptons style look with simple squared recessed mouldings and a pelmet atop. The storage need were carefully thought of but an overall decorative design was equally important to compliment the space. This design is somewhere right between modern and Hamptons with a touch of French. Here its the small things that matter like the way some mouldings are set back to give that structured subtle decorative features and the slight outward angle of the pelmet.

Other Hamptons style furniture around the room 

Around the interior a variety of other pieces of furniture finished off the overall design including two Louis 16 style hall tables, Louis 16 side table and a decorative painted antique chest at the entrance plus some gold lamps with pleated cream lampshades to add some charm and distinction to the decor. As you can see this was an interior interior where the Hamptons, French, classic and Modern style of furniture came together to create a fresh, cosy, coastal interior that was both relaxed but refined with a touch of personality and splashes of colour. Let this be inspiration for your interior and make the Hamptons style your own.

See more pictures of this Hamptons style interior in our portfolio.

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.