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Hamptons Bathroom Vanity

August 23, 2021

The bathroom is that special place where we spend time getting ready and ending each day. So its worth making it beautiful just like any other room in the home. The Hamptons bathroom offers stylish vanity designs and modern yet traditional elements for those wanting a sophisticated elegant bathroom design. So what does a Hamptons style bathroom look like? At first glance they’re always fresh, usually white or antique white, with light marble tops and chrome hardware for that crisp feel. But really, it the fine detailing in the designs of the mouldings, cornices, panelling and door designs which really give it that charm and grace. Christophe designs his own mouldings here in Sydney to ensure the vanity unit looks stunning.
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As you can see in this Hamptons bathroom design below the custom vanity unit and the cabinet doors have beautiful recessed panelling and fine double moulding designs on the drawer and door fronts which creates that quintessential fine detailing and trim which sets off the lines of the cabinetry. This detail comes from classic design principles and authentic craftsmanship. It allows the vanity to be beautiful but not over the top so as to draw too much attention. It’s these fine details  that really make all the difference when design the perfect Hamptons bathroom vanity giving it that air of lightness but sophistication.

See above too how the vanity has a break front section which comes out further where the sinks are positioned to create an overall elegance to the design. It allows for aesthetic shaping of the marble top and the integration of the vanity unit with the design shapes and lines of the cabinetry and cornices above. The mouldings in the below vanity are repeated in the top cabinetry and a stunning pelmet just below the ceiling height adds that perfect finishing touch. Overall the feeling is fresh, but the actual intricacies of the design and the fine craftsmanship involved is what makes it look so effortless and relaxing upon the eye.

Including panelling in the bathroom design also adds a great decorative feature which echoes the structure of the cabinetry. In the above bathroom see how the panels along the bath area mirror the structure of the cabinets opposite creating balance in the interior. The mirror here too has a lovely graceful curved shaping around the corners and the pelmet top has quite elaborate moulding layers but which still creates an elegant crowning effect. We design our pelmets shapes and our own unique mouldings designs to get this perfect classical look.

For smaller custom bathroom vanities in a Hamptons French style it’s also nice to make the unit resemble an actual piece of furniture by giving it all the design elements and decorative grace one would expect to see say in a beautiful Louis French armchair. In these designs below Christophe has incorporated that classic French Louis 16 triple reeding feature on the side, with raised panels and ornaments, plus fluted or shaped free-standing feet to give an elegant quality to the vanity unit at large. Finishes can also be a great way to make your vanity unit unique, here we did a light antique patina (left) and a taupe/white trim finish (right). Setting the basin on top also adds to the decorative effects creating curves and shapes that can be echoed in the mirror design and bathroom vanity lights. Both these vanity mirrors were especially designed for these vanity cabinets, to be extensions of the overall decorative aspect of the vanity designs.

The custom Hamptons vanity is also known for its more simplified and contemporary looks such as this more streamlined design below. Perfect for those wanting a more streamlined look. Here the aged brass handles became the feature. But for those wanting a more traditional look the Hamptons style vanity unit can also blend well with the French provincial style to offer more classic mouldings designs on the drawers and doors, that can be reflected in cornicing above and embellished by classical style bathroom wall lights for that special final touch.


Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.