We are the only ones offering beautiful traditional classical style down lights in Australia so that when you look up you see something beautiful that ties in with your decor and elegance interior.

Classic style Downlights

Christophe Living offers a range of downlights to suit different needs around your home. These are ideal for the kitchen area and the living area where you require ambient or focused task lighting. At Christophe Living we offer a range of downward lighting options from recessed lights, eyeball lights, timeless recessed lights and low-profile lights.

Mounted ceiling lights

For other rooms around your home we offer surface mounted ceiling lights, swivel lights, plus decorative, vintage and antique bronze downlights in a variety of styles. The lights in our collection are both adjustable and directional and they come in both classic and contemporary designs. Downlights can help you create general lighting within a room. They can also be used as task lighting to suit your specific needs.

Delivery Australia wide

All our floor lamps can be ordered online and delivered Australia wide.