Types of lights

March 2, 2019

Types of lights

Chandeliers are ornamental lighting fixtures often made from glass, crystal or brass. They are decorative lights that hang from the ceiling by chain or wire and have multiple curved arms or ornate branches. They are often highly decorative lights that embellish a room. They come in a variety of styles from traditional or French country to modern. They also come in variety of material and finishes such as brass, painted, wrought iron or gold. Small shades can be also affixed. The lights come in a variety of sizes with anywhere between 3 to 30 or more bulbs. They provide general illumination above a dining table or hallway and the use of crystals or glass means the chandelier sparkles and creates an elegant ambience in any room. Chandeliers have a long history dating back to medieval times when real candles were used in the chandelier.
Ceiling Lights
Description may need to be updated as our ‘ceiling lights’ do not include hanging pendants
Ceiling lights often hang from the ceiling suspended by a chain or cord at various lengths depending on the needs and setting. They also cover a large variety of other lights including pendant lights, which hang low, and flush mount ceiling lights which don’t hang at all and are attached directly to the ceiling. These lights can provide overall light in a room and can also be used for task lighting above a desk or kitchen bench. Ceiling lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials with both traditional and modern designs. These lights aim to provide the room with overall ambient light.

Pendant Lights
Pendant lights are usually suspended from the ceiling on a cord, wire or chain above the kitchen bench or dining table. The look of a pendant light is reminiscent of a pendant on a necklace or piece of jewellery, hence the name. These lights provide generalized lighting, but more often are sued for localized task lighting. Pendants lights allow more space over a work or living area than a table lamp. Generally, pendants hang about 30 inches above the table top and are slightly narrower than the length of the table. Pendant lights come in a wide variety of shapes, materials and styles.

Traditionally a lantern is a light that is covered by glass and which is portable and able to be carried by a handle. Conventionally, a lantern contained a candle and was made from a metal frame with several sides. Nowadays a lantern style can be used for wall lights and pendant lights and can be fixed to a wall or suspend from the ceiling. Often made of glass and metal or brass, lantern lights hang vertically and add a nice traditional touch to a kitchen or porch.

A downlight is attached to the wall or ceiling and projects all of its the light downwards. These lights can be recessed in the ceiling, can be eyeball lights or swivel lights. Downlights are often adjustable and directional and come in both classic and contemporary designs. Downlights are good for creating overall lighting throughout a room and they can also be used for task lighting to suit your specific needs.

Wall Lights
Wall lighting is attached to the wall and casts light over the surface of the wall to create general ambient lighting or to bring out the texture or surface of the wall. Wall lighting can be directed upward or downward depending on the look desired. Many wall lights are decorative in nature and add an elegant touch to a wall or hallway. These come in traditional, ornate designs or more contemporary modern appearances. Wall lights can also be for outdoor areas and used on the veranda or beside the front door of your home. Wall lights are a great way to add ambient light to a room and create a romantic atmosphere.

Picture Lights
Picture lights are specifically designed to illuminate your art collection or family photos and work by attaching to the wall. They often have an extendable swing arm so you can position the light precisely. They may also have a tube bulb and a flexible arm that allows you to light the picture from above. These lights come in both traditional and modern designs and different materials such as brass, chrome or black.

Swing-Arm Lights
These lights are perfect for your desk or study area as they are flexible and adjustable, allowing you to focus light directly on the task at hand. These lights can attach to the wall, be free-standing on the table or clamp on the side of your desk. They are often adjustable at three points, the base, the elbow and at the top where the lamp shade meets the post.

Outdoor Lights
Outdoors lighting come in a variety of styles and forms from wall lights, pendant lights, pedestal lights, post lights, path lights and spotlights. Outdoor lights have both a functional and aesthetic purpose. They are a great way to bring the front of your home and garden area to life. They also provide safety for guests walking up stairs or down garden paths. Using a variety of lights for your outdoor area is the best, where some highlight focal points like architecture and others light up entertainment areas or the front door.

Desk Lamps
Desk lamps provide localised task lighting and are usually freestanding on top of a desk. These lights are usually portable and may have adjustable arms so the light can be positioned directly on the task at hand.

Floor Lamps
Floor lamps include adjustable, curved and straight post floor lamps that provide localised direct task lighting perfect for reading or lighting the corner of a room. These lights are usually portable and lightweight so that they can be easily moved around the room or home depending on where you need light.