Palm Grey Brazilian Teak Round Dining Table – Elegantly Oiled, Ideal for Outdoor and Patio Settings

French & Hamptons Style

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Introducing the Palm Teak Hamptons Dining Table, an outdoor statement piece featuring a unique pineapple-shaped base in Brazilian grey teak, designed to refine your patio with elegance and durability.

Add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor or patio dining with the exquisite Palm Grey Brazilian Teak Round Dining Table. Perfectly suited for alfresco meals and stylish gatherings, this table combines the robust appeal of teak with the elegant vibes of Hamptons style living, promising a stunning focal point and unsurpassed functionality.


  • Crafted from high-quality Brazilian teak
  • Finished in an elegant grey oil for a sophisticated look
  • Round tabletop measures 1.2 meters in diameter, ideal for intimate gatherings
  • Features a novel pineapple-shaped base, adding an artistic flair
  • Designed for outdoor and covered patio use

Teak Hamptons Style Outdoor Dining Table:

Reflecting the serene and luxurious vibe of Hamptons style, this dining table is perfect for those who appreciate fine aesthetics along with durability in their outdoor furnishings. The neutral grey tones paired with the natural grain of Brazilian teak seamlessly blend to infuse your space with tranquility and class, enhancing every outdoor experience with a dash of sophistication.

Quality Build & Craftsmanship:

Constructed from hand-carved Brazilian teak, the Palm dining table ensures robustness and longevity in outdoor conditions. The grey oil finish not only accentuates the wood’s natural beauty but also provides a shield against the elements. For sustained elegance, regular oiling is recommended. Although the teak is weather-resistant, the table’s solid top design is best suited for covered decks or patios, aligning it with the Hamptons aesthetic that favours both opulence and practical hysteria.

The Palm Grey Brazilian Teak Round Dining Table is a testament to refined taste and high-quality craftsmanship, ready to elevate your outdoor or patio area. Embrace this embodiment of the Teak Hamptons style in your home and relish in the blend of beauty and durability. Order now and transform your space into a sublime retreat ideal for relaxation and entertainment.

Dimensions 120 × 120 × 75 cm




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