Valentino French Provincial Console Table in Dark Walnut Stain for Living Room, Hallway, or Dining Room

French & Hamptons Style

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Crafted from solid timber with a luxurious dark walnut stain, the Valentino Console Table combines ornate, turned legs and a neo-classial style to elevate the sophistication of any living room, hallway, or dining area.

Elegantly crafted to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, the Valentino Console Table stands as a quintessential component for those who appreciate the grandeur of refined decor. Its ideal placement in living rooms, hallways, or dining areas allows it to serve as both a striking focal point and a practical surface for your cherished decor or essential items. Adorned with a sumptuous dark walnut stain, its slender silhouette makes it a timeless addition to any stately interior.


  • Constructed from solid timber for enduring durability.
  • Features a deep, dark timber stain that highlights the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Designed in a neo-classical style with elegantly turned ornate timber legs.
  • Finished with a low gloss lacquer for everyday use and to protect the wood’s allure.
  • Versatile in its placement within various room settings.

Neo-classical Style Pedestal-based Design Dining Room Console Table:

This Valentino Console Table exudes French Provincial elegance, brought to life through its rich dark walnut stain and classic turned legs, radiating a neo-classical charm. The pedestal-based design enhances its regal stature, making it both a luxurious and functional piece for any well-appointed home.

Quality Build & Craftsmanship:

Meticulously handcrafted from aged mango timbers known for their robustness, the Valentino Console Table showcases a quality build. The wood’s dark stain paired with a subtle gloss lacquer ensures durability against daily wear while maintaining its elegant appearance. Regular dusting with a soft cloth is recommended to keep it in pristine condition, and it’s best placed away from direct sunlight to preserve the wood’s opulent colour.

Enhance your living environment with the Valentino Console Table, a symbol of dedication to both luxury and practicality. Visit and explore this magnificent piece personally, and invite a touch of classical elegance into your home today.

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 158 × 56 × 95 cm




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