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With a background in art, psychology and cross-cultural communication, Jean-Christophe brings a unique and in-depth approach to interior design. It is this holistic method and vision that allows him to go beyond the superficial aspects of the design process and create a space that not only looks good, but also creates the right feeling.

I don’t believe in designing in a set style for my clients. I like to see designs develop out of their inner vision and then like a dialogue really, I gradually give those visions form and detail. This way the interior becomes a reflection of who we truly are.

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We aim to really understand the vision you would like to develop for your home. Jean-Christophe believes that a home is first and foremost about the relationships within it and the wider circle of friends and family. A home needs to support and enhance the harmony and the wellbeing of each person while bringing elegance and beauty to inspire and uplift.

Once we understand your requirements thoroughly we offer design ideas and explain how each design element relates to the others – for that is the key to making them all work together.

Jean-Christophe collaborates back and forth with his clients to make sure their inner vision is at the heart of each design and he understands how to work with different subcontractors to bring about the best outcomes. He is highly adept at helping his clients make the right design decisions for their project.

A Juliette balcony above the main entrance
Window shuters in contrasting colours
A wrought iron gate crowned with

French house design consulting

Jean-Christophe offers architectural consulting to clients who are renovating or building a new home and who wish to incorporate French or classical designs. He has over thirty years of experience in bringing the French style to the modern home and is highly experienced in working with architects, builders, architectural plans and subcontractors to incorporate traditional and timeless design elements. Please feel free to contact Jean-Christophe to discuss your needs.

There are design elements that when used in the right way really give a home that truly timeless classical elegance…

Front doors, French doors & wardrobe doors

Doors are the gateway to your interior. Classic French doors are a great feature to create that elegant French style for your entrance, room or wardrobe. We use mouldings, carved ornaments and French painted effects to transform an existing door or make new ones.

Our design approach

We believe in the spirit of craftsmanship and in creating beautiful elegant designs. To us every part of your home should be designed to be uplifting and inspiring. Adding traditional elements to your home can transform the look and feel from something ordinary to something truly special.

Quality materials, fine craftsmanship and traditional designs equal timeless elegance.

Landscape designs and renovation ideas

We can easily transform a courtyard into a great design feature. Even a plain fireplace can be transformed with mouldings and ornaments into a classical French feature. Contact us with your design questions.

Commercial projects

We have worked on many commercial projects that require quality craftsmanship with French and European styling. We specialise in designing special features for restaurants, shops, receptions and wherever an elegant classical element is required. We have also worked on luxury hotels, restaurants, clubs and resorts. We delight in bringing a touch of the romantic and elegant French style to a space.

  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Luxury B&Bs
  • Receptions
  • Boardrooms
  • Offices
  • Corporate
  • Exterior facades
  • Special features design
  • Bars & nightclubs

Wedding and event styling

A wedding is a very special event for a couple, and we offer a design and hire service to make it really memorable. In recent times the white French furniture look has become synonymous with romantic elegance. Contact us to see how we can design and supply special French features or provide a full event design service to make your event truly unique.

We were honoured to be the suppliers for a celebrity wedding at the Opera House in Sydney. We supplied all the furniture and special features that made this wedding event unforgettable.

Furniture hire

Whether it’s for fashion shoots, movies or other projects we have a furniture hire service that can supply classical, French and unique pieces. Contact us to enquire as to how we can help.

We have supplied many fashion shoots with our French classical pieces for an eye-catching backdrop.