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Decorating your entrance in the French style

May 26, 2019

French cabinet with painted detailDesigning an entrance that leaves a great first and last impression is an important part of the overall interior design of the home. Whether you have a small space or grand entrance there are a number of simple tips that can be followed to transform the space. The French style is perfectly suited to a fine entrance as its soft and welcoming.  In the following interiors we show you why we made the design decisions and how different French styles suit different spaces.

This entrance was only a small space to work with but ended up looking goprgeous with this French provincial style furniture. We decided to add a curtain in blue and white stripe to soften, lengthen the sense of height in the room and add some homely charm. The teals tie in with the painted finish on the French provincial hall table. The antique finish was done in a slightly heavier antique finish than usual so that the hall table worked well with the pre-existing tiles on the floor. The trim and decoration was finished in antique teal tone to bring some cool welcoming tones to the room. The mirror was finished in the opposite [painted finish with a rub through on the mouldings and it was positioned close to the ceiling to add height and open up the space.

Louis 15 hall table with gilded mirror

This entrance had an ornate tile floor  that need a hall table that was delicate and airy. The Louis fifteen style was perfect for this look. This hall table is smaller than the usual hall tables and is in a medium antique walnut finish. It has super fine cabriole legs, beautiful curves and carvings and an elegant sense of proportion. A tall classical ornate gilded mirror was positioned above in the portrait position to add height to the sense of space. This also helped open up the room as it was opposite the font door. A gilded neo-classical French table lamp helped link the hall table and the mirror and quintessential French basket of lavender helped to add some country charm. While the gold was quite formal and the overall was classic and refined without being too busy and still being welcoming.


The space here was very limited so a ornate wall scone with marble top was attached to the wall to keep the entrance open and spacious. The silhouette or the ornate metal work against the wall create a real focal point as guests entered. A pot with dried flowers tied in the with the curves of the scone metal work above which a small French watercolour with antique gold double mount was placed just to soften the look.

Louis 15hall console with gilding

The entrance to this home had a long hall so a decorative light toned oriental runner helped create and rich feel to the entrance space. This space had high ceilings so the first impression needed to be grand, memorable and elegant. As the timber floors were exposed either side of the runner a rich gilded ornate Louis fifteen hall table with marble top create a beautiful first impression. A tall gilded mirror above the hall table was needed to balance out the curvaceous proportions and ornate carvings of the hall table and open up the space spreading more lighting into the back corner of the hall.  Two prints in gold frames either side of the mirror created balance to the design and crated a focal point as guest entered the front door and look down the hall.

Louis 16 hall table and mirror

This home had a modern contemporary feel which the Louis sixteen painted hall table suited perfectly. The hall table was finished in a light antique white finish with French grey trim to add some depth and body to the room and balance out the tiled floor. The bottom of the legs was also painted in the grey so that the contrast between the hall table and the floor did not stand out too much and so that the floor and hall table was integrated. A recessed panel with down lights was the perfect space to place an urn with oversized flower bouquet to add richness and a lively impressive feeling as guests entered the home.

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.