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French Provincial Dining Chair Designs

May 25, 2021

French provincial dining chairs really add that stylish elegance to a dining room. They are perfect for both formal dining and casual dining. French provincial dining chairs come in round, square, oval, upholstered, timber frame, and more. There are also different finishes, timber, white, or colour, plus the fabric you choose for upholstery. All these factors can make the same chair design look completely different when finished differently. For example, the same chair in timber with damask will completely different from that chair in white with linen. This is the beauty of French provincial dining chair designs, the flexibility in making them suit your dining rom.

These are just some of the different designs available in the French provincial style. Here we point out the stylistic details in each design and have pictures to illustrate hw the same chair can look for more formal or casual depending on the fabric an finish chosen.

Auvergne French Provincial Dining Chair

The Auvergne French provincial dining chair is a sophisticated addition to the dining room. It is a fully upholstered chair with a cabriole legs and a straight fabric covered apron. The tall camel back gives it elegance while retaining a grand country look and feel. This chair is well suited with a refectory style table. Its large seating base makes it a very comfortable dining chair option on a grande scale.

Avignon Ladder Back French Dining Chair 

The Avignon French provincial ladder-back chair pictured below is classic French design with a scalloped ladder-back feature. The seat comes as a rush seat or as an upholstered seat. The rush seat gives it a real country provincial quality. While the upholstered option dresses it up. Its very popular painted in antique white with without a rub through effect. This chair has a generous seat and it comes as side chair and carver chair with arms. There is also a matching kitchen stool to compliment this very French provincial dining chair.

Bordeaux French Provincial Dining Chair


This dining chair is a versatile chair design that comes in number of options. We have a fully upholstered option as (pictured on the left) with timber scalloped apron and elegant cabriole legs. The back is a camel back shape. The same chair comes with the option of a frame back chair (pictured on the right) with the back panel being upholstered or canned. This chair is well suited particularly to this frame back look. It also looks great in leather with studding making it easy maintenance. It matches well with the refectory or country style table or Louis 15 style table. The other advantage with the frame back timber version is that the frame can be easily grasped so that moving the chair around the room without touching or dirtying the fabric is easy.

We have also done the fully upholstered version of this dining chair in white which given is a more casual French or Hamptons style look.

Remember all these chairs can be in timber or white, which radically changes the style and look

Chateaux French Dining Chair 

This French dining chair is in the Louis fifteen style with a classic French provincial look. The chair has an elongated shield back with a scalloped shaped apron, cabriole legs and a snail foot. Due to its taller back the chair is well suited to rooms with high ceilings where the elongation of the back adds classical elegance. The carver version which goes at the ends of the table and has arms for resting, is quite large and would also work well as a study desk chair or library armchair. As you can see the dining chair looks different in timber and antique white.

Louis Oval Back French Dining Chair 

The Louis oval back dining chair is one of most quintessential French dining chairs, it comes with or without a carved floral motif at the top of the chair. The inner panel can be either upholstered or canned, and the base can be a Louis sixteen base with fluted turned legs and roped carved apron motif reflecting its neo-classical inclinations. Alternatively it is also available with a Louis fifteen style scalloped apron with cove and bead carving along the base of the apron and cabriole legs usually with snail or goats foot detailing.

This oval back chair looks greets with an oval dining table or rectangular dining table as the chair offers a softening quality to the squareness of the table design. Its quintessential timeless joie de vivre as well as refined elegance.  This chair is also popular as a small occasional desk chair and looks great in toile with a contrasting piping detail. This chair can be modernised by being upholstered in leather with ornamental studding in silver, bronze, brass or gold.

Louis Fifteen Shield Back French Dining Chair 

This is another of those classical French dining chairs with a shield back and carved floral ornament at the top of the chair. Its shield shape is reminiscent of a string instrument or the curves of the female form. The shield back being a classic Louis fifteen style it has a scalloped apron with cove and bead carving and cabriole legs and a snail or goats foot detail. On the shoulder of the leg is usually a carved floral ornament to enhance its baroque floral quality. This chair comes with a cane or upholstery panel in the back. This chair can be modernised by being upholstered in black leather with studding.
The fining chair also comes as a carver which can serve as a desk or library chair and work well occasional bedroom chair particularly well suit to being upholstered in French toile or other classic French provincial fabrics.

Louis Sixteen Square Back French Dining Chair

This is our most neo classical dining chair embodying the refinement of the Louis sixteen style with the squareness of its back which is softened by the refined recessed moldings. The base has a straight apron, which can have rope carving or recessed moldings. The classic Louis sixteen turned legs with fluting and carved rosettes at the top complete this timely elegant refined chair.

The back of the chair can be canned, upholstered or upholstered with a protruding back also called a French panel. The edge of the upholstery can be finished with double piping in either the same or contrasting fabric or with studding to add an extra touch. This chair looks great in a painted finish and painted in antique white is well suited to a contemporary interior where its refined elegance is happy to surround any modern dining table or contemporary dining setting.

Mutton Bone Dining Chair & Carver

This Louis fourteen inspired large fully upholstered chair is reminiscent of its medieval ancestry and has rounded legs and stretches that tie in with the undulation of mutton bone. Well suited for a large classic dining setting where extra width and depth offers a stately setting. This chair is also a great classic library or study chair as does the carver option offer a great occasional chair for the study. The mutton bone chair is particularly well suited to tapestry upholstery fabric and studding to reflect its history.

Perigord French Dining Chair

This French inspired mid century chair below has been designed especially for a modernized French casual elegance it has a stylized cabriole leg with no carving detail, a straight apron and a low fully upholstered back that curves in both directions so that it hugs the back and gives extra arch support.

We call this the four-hour chair due to its double curved back offering exceptional comfort for long sitting periods. This means that for a dinner party there is no need to relocate to the lounge area to continue the conversation in a relaxed fashion.

This dining chair can be in a timber finish with classic fabric or painted base or in plain French linen for crisp modernized classic look. The lower height of the back will not obstruct the space around the dining room or the lovely view outside the dining room window.

The Perigord dining chair is well suited to modern dining settings. Its lower height is ideal for dining rooms with low ceilings or apartments.

We have also developed a new version where instead of the rounded back detail it comes with flat band around seat and back to give it a squarer quality and a more crisp modern look. This imparts on the design an almost art deco quality and the band can be edged with a thicker piping to further enhance the crisp design shapes.

Provence Dining Chair 

The Provence dining chair and dining carver is a Louis fifteen inspired chair with a slightly more square shield back and is in many way a country cousin. It comes in two versions one with a floral carved motif on the front apron and the other with a more plain scalloped apron. Both come with a cane or upholstered panel back to the chair depending on your preference and they are well suited to being upholstered in leather with studding detail for a more contemporary look.

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.