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A Very Louis Guest Room

February 27, 2014

With classic styling and neutral colours, Jean-Christophe created a bedroom to please even the fussiest of house guests.

Louis 16 bed
This classic Louis 16 – XVI timber bed provides a strong yet refined centrepiece for the room.
Louis 16 bed and Louis 15 bedside
The clean lines and delicate carving of the Louis 16 – XVI bed are highlighted by the rounder and more ornamental curves of the Louis 15 – XV beside tables.
Louis 15 tub style bergere
The right combination of bedroom seating and soft lighting can ensure a warm welcome for your house guests.
Louis 15 bergere carving
Existing pieces can be given new life with the application of a new finish or gilding.
Curtian tassel and swan lamp detail
Paying attention to small details can make all the difference when styling your space.

This elegant guest bedroom has been decorated in the Louis style, using a mix of both Louis 16 – XVI and Louis 15 – XV style furniture.  As the room is a guest room, it was important to keep the colours fairly neutral and furnish the space in a classic style that would last.

The challenge in decorating this room was the size limitation, however Jean-Christophe knew which elements he wanted to include in order to make the room comfortable and inviting.  A Louis 16 – XVI style bed was used, with traditional rope carvings along the edge and a ribbon carving in the centre of the bedhead and bed end, finished in a walnut timber polish. It was then upholstered using a traditional French grey fabric with a Louis 16 – XVI diamond pattern, which belonged in the original archival designs of the court of Louis 16 – XVI.

Two Louis 15 – XV style bedsides were placed on each side, with a Louis 15 – XV three-drawer chest at the end doubling as a stand for the television.  All of these pieces were finished with the same timber polish as the bed, which brought the room together giving it structure.  With its romantic and feminine qualities, curvaceous edges and ornate carvings, the Louis 15 – XV style pieces created a gentle juxtaposition against the Louis 16 – XVI style bed which carries more refined lines, with delicate carvings and a more simplified structure.

In the corner of the room sat a vintage Louis 15 – XV style tub bergère, which was an original feature.  This helped to create the inviting and home-away-from-home feeling that is so essential for a guest bedroom.  The chair was finished using gold leaf and an antique patina effect to create a unique look.

Standing tall behind the chair was a graceful lamp stand with an elegant swan detail.  This was also a previous feature of the room, however its original colour was a silver pewter.  Jean-Christophe reworked the lamp stand using gilding, which gave it a glowing new character.  The lampshade was also reworked and painted black on the outside, with gold on the inside, which helped spread a soft, warming light around the room.

With all the elements combined, this refined guest room offers a friendly, inviting and relaxing ambience with its own distinctive character.


Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

An expert on interior design, craftsmanship and fine arts, Jean-Christophe has trained extensively in Italy, France and Switzerland. Since moving to Australia, he has supplied many of the country’s grand homes and collected a number of awards for his furniture designs.