Hamptons Style Lighting

February 26, 2020

Hamptons kitchen lighting

Lighting in the Hamptons style

The Hamptons style is the quintessential look of casual elegance. Inspired by the coastal villages on the south side of Long Island, New York, its interiors are fresh, airy and relaxed. It is perfectly suited to the coastal and harbourside living we enjoy here in Australia. Classic Hamptons style lighting combines seamlessly with modern decor, antiques and the French provincial look. Stylistically, this kind of French lighting will imbue your home with a timeless and sophisticated look.

Traditional Hamptons style interiors have bright white walls, natural bleached timber furniture and neutral light linen upholsteries. A touch of blue is also a key ingredient. Blue resembles the tranquillity of the coastal lifestyle. You can choose the hue of blue that suits your style; from aqua, to royal blue to navy, charcoal or stripes. These interiors bring the French and coastal looks together seamlessly.

Hamptons style loungerom and table lamp

Coach Table Lamp in Aged Brass

Lighting your Hamptons style interior involves choosing a good mix of ceiling lights, lamps, some chandeliers and wall lights in a variety of French looks to create the right balance.  Generally, Hamptons style lighting tends towards the more contemporary streamlined designs to give that casual look of simplicity. Yet be sure to incorporate some traditional French lighting options such as French chandeliers and French pendants to bring a sense of comfort, charm and richness to the interior.


Living room lighting options

Lighting finishes and styles need to work within with the decor. Try leaning towards rustic and modern classic designs – a French country brass pendant light ties in well with organic linens and bleached timber. Place a number of lamps around the living room at different heights to create options and a cosy atmosphere. Choose lamps with chrome, glass or white porcelain bodies. Lampshades should also be in earthy fresh colours to link with the upholstery. If your ceiling is low, try some French semi-flush ceiling lights instead of a chandelier to maximise the sense of space in the room. See our wide range of Hamptons style lamps

Hamptons style lounge and pendant light

 Player Pendant in Weathered Brass

Dining room lighting

Above the dining table hanging two French lanterns can add to the light airy feel. The traditional shape of the lantern adds charm and character. If you want a more formal look go for a glass or antique white chandelier, but if your dining table furniture is a darker timber opt for a brass or black painted chandelier. Choose a chandelier with more streamline forms and curves rather than something that’s too elaborate. A pot rack style chandelier can create a homely feel above the dining table, or if your dining table is long, place two smaller chandeliers at each end.

Hamptons style dining room and chandelier

Crown 6Lt Chandelier in Polished Nickel

Kitchen lights

Your Hamptons style kitchen should be bright, fresh and airy. Brass or chrome double or triple hanging pendants above the kitchen island create a streamline spacious feel and provide great task lighting when preparing meals. Install small round recessed lighting throughout the kitchen to ensure the room is bright and fresh. See our beautiful range of traditional island lights.

Hamptons style kitchen lighting

 Darien 3lt Island Light

Bedroom ambient lighting

A Hamptons style bedroom is a soothing and rejuvenating place where you can relax after a long summer day. To keep it light, fresh and airy, choose bed linen in white, cream or taupe. Bedside lamps are best with streamlined designs with lampshades in white linen or neutral colours. Alternatively place two wall sconces or swing-arm lights either side of the bedhead. Dress your bedroom with a small antique white chandelier with a touch of glass or crystal above the bed.

Hamptons style bedroom

Hamptons style furniture and décor to match the lighting  

When designing your interior in the Hamptons style, think about creating fresh clean lines, using natural fibres and keeping your decor and colour fresh and light. The Hamptons style is a typified feeling of relaxation and simplicity. Lighting should work in with the decor of the interior – it should help to keep the space bright, eliminate dark corners and add a sense of spaciousness. Mix modern and traditional lighting styles and designs and choose lighting finishes such as brass, chrome or antique white to work in with the colours of the decor of the room.



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