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Hamptons Kitchen lighting ideas

July 16, 2021

Beginning your lighting selections
The beauty of Hamptons style is that is quite broad and there is no one and hard fast rule. Some Hamptons style interiors are more white, some have timber, some have blue themes, some black themes. This gives a lot of license in lighting selections. When choosing lighting for the Hamptons style kitchen it’s helpful to think of the lighting as party of the decor of the interior. Not just as an extensions of the interior, but an embellishment.

Hamptons verses french lighting styles

If your kitchen is more French country than Hamptons choose lighting that is more traditional like brass pendants, hanging lanterns or a rustic chandelier. If your kitchen is more modern Hamptons then go for lighter tones, chrome, antique white.


Lighting in layers
No matter what style of kitchen you have it is always important to set up your lighting in layers. This allows the lighting scheme in our kitchen to be flexible because the kitchen is an area where we perform a variety of tasks. Most importantly lighting in your kitchen needs to be practical. Sufficient lighting is required so that you can prepare meals and chop food safely. For the Hamptons kitchen layered lighting is essential to give that homely eclectic feel. Downlights and Pendants can be a great way to achieve a variety of light sources.


Open plan kitchen lighting
If you have an open plan kitchen, during the day your kitchen will need lighting that is bright and comfortable. At night your kitchen lighting will need to be softer for sitting down for meals and entertaining. Recessed lighting around the perimeter of the kitchen is a great way to create general illumination throughout the room. Then add other sources of lighting for specific tasks. The aim with your kitchen lighting is to create a shadow-free space which comfortable, inviting and safe.

Kitchen task lighting
In the kitchen task lighting is essential. You need adequate light to prepare meals efficiently and safely. There are a number of ways to create task lighting in the kitchen. A mixture is best so that the light sources overlap and so that you have lighting options. Track lighting or spot lights are perfect for directing light at specific points in the kitchen where light is required, for instance on bench tops and stovetops. These lights provide you with a great deal of flexibility when lighting the kitchen space.

Kitchen island lighting
If you have a Hamptons kitchen island, double or triple island pendants are a functional and decorative way to provide adequate task lighting. Recessed lighting under your cupboards is also another great way to ensure your bench tops are bright and safe areas to work. For a more traditional look a brass pot chandelier adds charm to a kitchen and also doubles up as a storage area for pots and pans. Hanging lanterns above the kitchen island are also a more traditional option perfectly suited to the Hamptons style. These provide good task lighting plus charm and character.

Accent lighting in the kitchen
It is also important to make sure your Hamptons kitchen lighting has a warm and homely atmosphere so that people feel welcome in the kitchen. Accent lighting around the room can help to create depth and dimension. Recessed lighting in cabinets for example is the perfect way to light up your china and glassware. It also helps create a focal point and decorative feature in the room.

If you have an open plan Hamptons kitchen a large chandelier, double hanging lanterns or low hanging pendant lights are ideal ways to light up the dining area while creating mood and atmosphere. The right lighting can transform your kitchen from a practical space to a welcoming entertaining area. Adding a dimmer switch is also essential so that you can control the lighting levels in the Hamptons kitchen.

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Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

Jean-Christophe Burckhardt

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